21 watt HID Upgrade Program

In response to the overwhelming popularity of our Explorer 21 watt primary light we have developed a new program, allowing customers to upgrade their existing Halcyon light to this revolutionary new design. The new Halcyon 21-watt features a brighter bulb together with a unique locking bulb design (patent pending) that is sure to enhance performance; meanwhile a space age polymer known as PEEK insulates our new socket design. The high temperature resistance of PEEK (644 deg F) insulates Halcyon light sockets from damage common to our competitor’s lights. Meanwhile the brighter bulb is shorter with an exterior sleeve, reducing the risk of breakage.

In order to take advantage of this offer you will need to send your light head with lid assembly into Halcyon Tech Services. It is not necessary to send the battery or light canister.

Halcyon’s 21 watt Feature ComparisonHalcyonOthers
Locking Bulb Designyesno
Temperature resistant polymer, PEEK, bulb socketyesno
Unique rear ballast attachmentyesno
Ballast o-ringyesno
Four screw rear ballast enhancement of sealyesno
Thorough QC evaluation including 300’ (90m) pressure test for every lightyesno
Worldwide warranty regardless of purchase locationyesno
Worldwide service and support through Halcyon dealer networkyesno

21 watt UpgradePrice
21 watt Upgrade with Standard Cord688.00
21 watt E/O Upgrade (with EO cord upgrade)929.00
10 watt to 21 watt Upgrade, Standard cord818.00
10 watt to 21 watt Upgrade, E/O cord upgrade1059.00
Reflector upgrade for Halcyon 21-watt75.00

Upgrade Options

  • 21-watt upgrade with standard cord (22.200.021): This upgrade provides a new 21-watt light head on your existing 18 watt Halcyon light; your old light head will be returned without modification and with its existing cord.
  • 21-watt upgrade with E/O cord upgrade (22.200.221): This upgrade provides a new 21-watt light head on your existing 18-watt Halcyon light; this new head will be installed with E/O (under water pluggable) cords. Your existing light head will also be fitted with an E/O cord, allowing you to use either light head with your existing battery canister.
  • 10 watt upgrade (22.010.003): This upgrade provides a new 21-watt light head on your existing 10 watt Halcyon light. The different reflector assembly used on the 10 & 21-watt light heads requires a reflector assembly upgrade; this includes the Halcyon goodman handle, body and custom reflector. Choice of Standard cord or the E/O upgrade also available. See description above.
  • Reflector upgrade (20.105.000): This upgrade provides a new Halcyon reflector in place of your existing reflector. The proprietary Halcyon reflector collects light more efficiently, providing a clean, clear light over a much greater distance than conventional reflectors. This upgrade is appropriate for customers with an old style reflector (this can be identified by noting the letter “3” stamped in the dish).

Please be sure you complete a Halcyon Product Return form when sending products back for service or repair.

Contact Tech Services techservices@halcyon.net or your local Halcyon Dealer for more information.