Halcyon Dive Systems
In Action

In Action



I am so grateful to Halcyon for the contest it is a very noble effort. I was in Mexico City working in the lab at the University when I received the good news. Thanks to Zero Gravity the package arrived in the Riviera Maya but the waiting was terrible and was hard to focus on the indoor work. I couldn’t wait to go and jump into the waters of a cenote. After picking up the prize I went to enjoy a cave dive at Chac Mol cave system to enjoy "The monster‘s house" and the beautiful speleothem Xix Ha Tunich. On that dive I was amazed by the high-quality, underwater lighting technology. I was impressed not just with the amazing Explorer 9 -21 watt HID but the Scout Back-Up Lights; those LEDs are amazing!

These days I have been diving and talking with explorers looking for cave-dwelling fauna aggregations and sites for a water quality monitoring. Explorers are key members of any scientific expedition and I am grateful to those who help me.

Now I have to go back indoors and write proposals to seek funding; that is difficult nowadays. I am also preparing for a anchialine ecosystems scientific meeting held in Mallorca, Spain and for development public planning meetings in Riviera Maya.

A better understanding of Anchialine ecology is necessary to assist the decision-making and conservation strategies needed to protect these vulnerable ecosystems. The Mexican Caribbean coast requires special attention due to the explosive urban expansion that results from rapid tourism development. To learn more about these important issues, please visit my non-profit organization at razonatura.org.