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In Action

In Action

Halcyon In Action

All around the world Halcyon products are being used in a variety of exciting places. From fun dives on local tropical reefs, and extreme technical expeditions, to scientific projects, and commercial dives by Public Safety teams. Halcyon products can be found in nearly every underwater environment. See what a few people around the world are doing with their Halcyon products!



Meet Olmo Torres-Talamante, a scientific diver and Halcyon Dive Buddy Makeover Winner in 2009. Olmo gives the following overview: Read more


Virginia Scuba takes their Halcyon gear to Roatan

Virginia Scuba takes their Halcyon gear to Roatan. The fun-filled trip relied upon a variety of Halcyon equipment and was led by Mark and Susan Palomba.


Middletown’s Public Safety Team

Meet the divers from Middletown’s Public Safety Team Read more


The Perfect Escape

Bimini is what we remember the Florida Keys as thirty years ago. Shallow and deep reefs were thriving, undamaged by decades of hooks, anchors, and pollution. An explosion of colorful fish and sponges was just a 30-minute flight on Chalk’s or an hour and a half in a fast boat from Ft. Lauderdale. Whether it was a once-in-a-lifetime dive on Victory Reef or a lazy afternoon on the wreck of the Sapona, your gear is the last thing you want to distract you from an amazing experience.

Diving should be about sharing great experiences. Your gear should disappear on your body during the dive, just as it should disappear from your concerns before and after. If you are uncomfortable because your BC is shifting around on your body, you won’t enjoy your dive. If you can’t maintain good trim and end up feet-down in the coral, you won’t enjoy your dive. Bad gear designs are frustrating; you want to spend your time at the End of the World celebrating a life-changing experience, not struggling against ill-fitting dive gear.

The same simplicity and ruggedness of Halcyon equipment required for a deep cave exploration project will satisfy your needs on the most recreational of dives in this oasis of reefs and ledges.


Extreme Cave Exploration

The Demands of Extreme Exploration Halcyon was created in response to the demands of extreme technical diving. In the early 1990s, Halcyon founders were exploring deep wrecks and long-distance caves, including world-renowned Wakulla Springs. Read more