Halcyon Dive Systems
Troubleshooting Battery Packs

Troubleshooting Battery Packs

Newly charged or aging batteries often display high voltage readings that are not actually usable power. A simple test to verify the operating burn time of a battery pack can often eliminate frustration during a dive.

To perform a quick in-field test, you must place the battery under load to determine the usable voltage in a given pack. That is to say, check the battery voltage with the light head plugged in and switched on for just a minute or two. Older or under-charged new batteries will show a rapid drop in displayed voltage.

These clues can lead you to check the following:

  • How old is the battery?
  • Is it nearing the end of its service life?
  • Did the battery receive a full charge cycle before it was unplugged?
  • Have you read the appropriate Halcyon Lighting System manual?

Proper care of the battery pack is essential to keeping your batteries in top working shape. Always recharge your pack after every use, and don’t store batteries in a discharged state. For more tips on how to care for a battery pack, be sure to review the Halcyon Lighting Systems Owner’s Manual.