Halcyon Dive Systems
The Halcyon Story

"I dive because it is my life,
my passion, my love."

For those of us at Halcyon, diving is more than "just another way to spend the weekend."




  1. Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

"My most memorable halcyon days are those spent underwater"

 synonyms: serene, calm, pleasant, tranquil, peaceful 


  1. A mythical bird said by ancient writers to breed in a nest floating at sea at the winter solstice, charming the wind and waves into calm.
  2. A leading-edge diving manufacturer formed to meet the demands of leading explorers and evolved to satisfy discriminating divers of all interests.

Corporate identity

  1. “Peaceful, Calm, Serene” are among the things we all love about being underwater. In the early 1990’s, the principles of what would become Halcyon Manufacturing were innovating a wide range of equipment critical to the success of globally diverse exploration goals. The transition from noisy, open-circuit scuba to the first truly intuitive rebreather operating system provided exponential performance benefits and enabled realization of previously unimaginable diving accomplishments. Today, the continual pursuit of optimized performance enables our collective escape to the idyllic underwater world and is reflected in the company’s laser-like focus and chosen corporate name.


If you ask a Halcyon staff member why they dive, you are likely to get a variation of the response from our friend David Rhea, whose photographs grace our catalogs:

"I dive because it is my life, my passion, my love."

  • It is the rush that never fails to kick in, each time you slip beneath the water and draw your first breaths from the regulator.
  • It is cobalt blue water, and seeing the boat from your 180ft stop.
  • It is realizing that you know your tables by heart.
  • It is wondering if the shark was 10 or 15 feet long.
  • It is when you think, "I wonder if it goes..." whenever you see a sinkhole.
  • It is when your dive gear costs more than your car.
  • It is about late nights with friends in Cayman, trying to remember the year of your first staged decompression dive.
  • It is when 50 degrees and ten feet of visibility sounds about right.
  • It is knowing that no other human (besides your dive buddy) has ever seen what you have.

It is all about the dive. We make the gear that we know will enhance our diving. The process begins with designing, testing, refining, and making it better. We never settle for just "good enough." It is about having such high standards and expectations in how we want our products to perform, that we are relentless in our puruit of perfection.

Halcyon began as a group of divers who knew exactly what they wanted, but could not find it in any dive store. Our passion for diving led us to designing wings and lights to satisfy ourselves. We soon discovered that we were not alone in our pursuit of equipment that could radically improve the diving comfort of every diver; from the newest recreational diver, to supporting divers doing the most aggressive technical dives ever completed. Our founders, owners, and senior management have a long history as diving pioneers, with diverse backgrounds, ranging from academia, to manufacturing and consulting. They do share one common thread: an average of 20 years of dives in each of their log books.