Attachment Hardware

Halcyon Fin Spring Heel

By eliminating the failures common to conventional fin straps, Halcyon spring straps free you from the risk and hassle of lost fins and broken straps.

Key Features of the Halcyon Fin Spring Heel

  • Designed to fit Jetfin-style rubber fins
  • Available in three sizes:
    Medium (8"/20 cm spring)
    Large (10"/25.4 cm spring)
    XL (12"/30.5 cm spring)
  • Automatically adjusts to the diver's feet
  • Compensates for depth and compression of boot material
  • Stainless Steel and Lexan construction

Regulator Necklace

This simple necklace attachment keeps your reserve second stage immediately accessible. The flexible cord is thin enough to fit under your mouthpiece zip-tie and strong enough to last for years to come.

Halcyon's Super Cam Buckle

Halcyon's Super Cam buckle is a replacement for conventional plastic buckles used on BCs and attachment straps. Our innovative cam provides a vise-like grip while the vinyl Octogrip protects against damage.

Key Features of the Super Cam Buckle

  • Replaces plastic cam buckles without the expense of buying a new tank strap
  • Solid stainless steel, tumbled and polished to perfection
  • Vinyl OctoGrip pad protects tank against metal-to-metal damage is available separately
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage

Bolt Snaps, D-Rings and Tri-Glides

Halcyon SS attachment hardware is carefully selected for its high-quality Stainless Steel, including the internal springs on bolt snaps and double-enders.
  • 3/8”, 1” Bolt snaps and 3 3/4”, 4” double-enders
  • Two-inch D-rings, shoulder bent or straight
  • Two-inch tri-glides