Defender Pro 200

Halcyon is pleased to announce the new Halcyon Defender Pro 200. This unique guideline device combines the powerful utility of the Halcyon Pathfinder™ reel with the elegant simplicity and unique portability of the Halcyon Defender Pro™ series of spools. The Defender Pro 200 can rapidly be converted from a Pathfinder style reel to a Defender Pro style spool, including all the benefits of the revolutionary Defender Pro Easy Grip™ adaptor.

  • Easily convertible between a Pathfinder™ and Defender™ style guideline device
  • Small and super light form factor makes it a joy to carry; it even fits in a halcyon pocket
  • 200’ (60m) length of #24 line
  • Perfect for shooting SMBs, short distance cave penetration, long jumps or used as a spare
  • Pathfinder™ style provides a small form factor with full functionality
    • Allows easy operation with the Halcyon Goodman light handle
    • Special name plate allows easy personalization
    • Unique attachment option reduces risk of accidental clip opening
    • Specially shaped handle provides a no-slip fit for Halcyon Scout reserve light
  • Defender Pro™ style conversion provides unsurpassed portability and feature rich operation
    • Solid center reduces spool size, enhancing portability and ease of operation
    • Easy to hold with a comfortable grip and self-centering operation
  • Easy Grip™ adaptor blends the functionality of a reel with the portability of a spool
    • Free spin and fully locked position maximizes operational flexibility
    • Easy Grip™ can be retrofit on any Defender Pro spool

Click the image below to watch the Defender Pro 200 demo video to learn how to set up and use your guideline device.