Latch-less fastening designYES
Salt Water Resistant (no AL to SS connections)YES
Homogenous Material (not welded)YES
Easy Trim for fresh or saltYES
Sealed Motor compartment avoids sinking and damage to motor from exposureYES
Mechanical Main ON/OFF Switch (cannot run away, cannot drain battery, machine directive compliant)YES
High/Low Two-Speed AdjustmentYES
Robust Fixed PropellerYES
Oil-filled shaft seal (prevents corrosion)YES
Polymede Plastic Shroud and LegsYES
Quick Battery Removal - No ToolsYES
Low Battery Voltage LED warningYES

Notes & Highlights on the HDV-R14 Key Features:

Latch-less Design
The Halcyon latch-less closure design is a unique patented design and provides a reduced risk of entanglement caused by external latch structures. This feature also provides additional security as there are no latches to break or fail. Another powerful advantage to this design is elimination of the external o-rings. The Halcyon body o-rings are internal barrel o-rings and do not compress at depth, keeping the buoyancy of the scooter constant throughout the water column.

Salt Water Resistant/No Galvanic Corrosion Risk
No aluminum/SS connections, removing the risk of galvanic corrosion without the need for a sacrificial anode.

Homogenous Materials (not welded)
The R14 features a molded polycarbonate, lexan body with a glass fiber reinforced shroud, legs and motor housing. No welding is used in our scooter bodies because welding cracks create potential failure points during the stress of scooter use/transportation.

Easy Trim for fresh or salt water
Halcyon HDVs arrive with perfect horizontal trim; they do not require time consuming or frustrating adjustments. Furthermore, HDVs are neutral in fresh water and are shipped with precisely molded weights designed to perfectly compensate the difference between fresh and salt water buoyancy.

Sealed Motor Compartment
In the very unlikely event of flooding, the HDV will greatly minimize the risk of a total flood. This is because water that enters one of two dry compartments remains isolated from the second compartment, reducing negative buoyancy and minimizing damage. A sealed motor compartment also protects the motor and electrical components from salt spray or water exposure should the HDV battery compartment need to be opened (during maintenance or charging) on the boat or near water.

Mechanical Main ON/OFF switch
Our HDV mechanical switch provides an easy and immediate interruption of power to the motor. This system is fully mechanical, preventing power from reaching the motor; no electronics are used to control this switch. There is no need to remove or adjust the propeller (which is common among the competition) during a runaway or failed scooter. In order to stop the HDV simply engage the Mechanical Control switch.

Two-Speed Adjustment
Halcyon HDV-R14s are equipped with an electronic high/low speed adjuster. This System has the following advantages:
  • Fixed propeller pitch (with more efficient performance)
  • More robust propeller design (as compared to variable pitch props with numerous moving pieces)
  • Low speed is regulated by the electronic reducing battery consumption; high speed gives provides maximum power.

Robust Fixed Propeller
This propeller design eliminates numerous failure points found in traditional prop designs (i.e. yoke, screw, adjustable props). Some competitors use both a variable-pitch propeller and electronic speed adjustment compounding the risk of failure as compared to a simple fixed pitch propeller.

Oil-filled shaft seal (prevents corrosion)
Separates the prop from the motor compartment providing a more reliable seal when compared to the ceramic seal often used by other manufacturers. Oil-filled shaft seal provides a more reliable seal both in shallow water and at depth. Complicated, time consuming ceramic shaft seal maintenance is a thing of the past with the Halcyon oil filled design. Your Halcyon dealer can easily and quickly service the shaft seal in a matter of minutes as part of routine maintenance.

Polymede Plastic Shroud and Legs
Extremely durable and impact-tolerant material can withstand a lot of abuse in a wide range of temperatures

Quick Battery Removal
Battery Removal on the HDV is quick, simple and does not require any tools.

Low Battery Voltage LED Warning
Blue signifies the battery is OK, red indicates the battery is low.