Apollo HMI Video Lighting

Halcyon’s dedication to cutting-edge lighting systems is obvious in this industry-first, battery-powered, 200-watt HMI video light. This motion picture studio light is capable of extreme depths, producing nearly 60 minutes of intense light (15000 lumens) at a precise 5600K color temperature. The Halcyon HMI has been featured in Bob Talbot's IMAX film OCEANMEN and is a favorite for a range of renowned underwater videographers and photographers including Wes Skiles and Norbert Wu. The Apollo HMI is available as a special order directly from Halcyon and requires a 6-8 week lead time for delivery.

Key Features of the Apollo HMI Video Lighting

  • Studio-quality HMI bulb, ballast and ignitor
  • Battery canister is machined from a solid piece of impact resistant Delrin
  • Ballast enclosure is hard-coat Aluminum to maximize heat dissipation
  • HMI electronics reside in a completely sealed housing
  • HMI NiMH batteries reside in a protective battery carrier
  • HMI batteries use the highly desirable Explorer Autoplug system
  • Includes a custom carrying case useful for travel and/or shipping
6" OD / 24.75" L
(15.24 cm OD / 62.87 cm L)
Weight: 27.5 lb (12.47 kg)
Buoyancy: -2.2 lb (1 kg)