This product was discontinued in 2013

Introducing the New Halcyon Mini-Explorer

The Halcyon Mini-Explorer represents a new generation of lighting, blending the performance and convenience of Halcyon Exploration lighting with the size and portability of recreational, hand-held lights. Both recreational and technical divers will be impressed by the intense output of this convenient pocket size light. The Mini-Explorer provides an amazing amount of light from a housing roughly the size of a modern-day smart phone while offering run times up to 4.5 hours.*

  • Nearly indestructible LED module with amazing intensity in a tiny form-factor.
    • Expected LED lifetime in excess of 10,000 hours.
    • LED module produces nearly 6,000 lux at one meter.
  • Easily stored in the pocket or on your Halcyon harness.
  • Ideal for travel due to light weight and long burn time.
  • Innovative handle provides excellent portability with hands-free operation.
    • Foldable Goodman handle offers exploration grade convenience.
    • Adjustable design can rapidly be customized to fit left- or right-hand operation.
    • Handle may be adjusted for use with bare hands or gloves.
    • Foldable handle protects LED and lens while in transport.
  • May be fit with an optional fixed Goodman handle. (Must be purchased separately)
  • Rear attachment point accommodates nearly any bolt snap (wrist lanyard optional).
  • Easy on/off twist actuator eliminates complicated electronic circuitry.
  • High-quality Delrin® housing is nearly indestructible.
  • Removable battery carrier provided with three Lithium Ultimate® batteries.
    • Lithium Ultimate® batteries provide approximately 4.5 hours of operation.*
    • Battery carrier holds a wide range of AA batteries (rechargeable or disposable).
    • Custom rechargeable kit is available from Halcyon.
    • Generic rechargeable kits are widely available from various sources.
Distance from light1 meter3 meters5 meters
Lux Rating5875825375

* Run time measured using the included Lithium Ultimate® batteries.

20.105.107Mini-Explorer with rechargeable kit; NiMH batteries and charger
25.013.004NiMH charger and batteries