Halcyon Sales and Tech Services

Where can I purchase Halcyon products?

Halcyon is committed to providing quality customer service through our dealer network. Halcyon maintains two levels of dealers, plus our circle of International Distributors, designed to provide the best possible service to our customers.

From our U.S. distribution base, we support our stocking associate-level dealers and committed Network Partner dealers. Halcyon requires all its dealers to be full-service facilities offering sales, service, instruction, and gas fills.

Halcyon Network Partner and associate dealers are listed in our online database. Our Network Partner dealers have demonstrated a commitment to top-quality Halcyon support through instruction and diving philosophy. Network Partners stock a complete line of Halcyon products appropriate for their region and typically offer Halcyon training equipment. Associate dealers carry the full Halcyon product line but are less likely to have a complete selection on-hand.

We encourage you to support your local Halcyon dealer. By buying locally, you support the dealer who is likely to also be your primary source for gas fills, service, and instruction. Thank you for your support of Halcyon and your local diving community!

If you are a dive shop owner or buyer and you would like to become a Halcyon dealer, please contact Ken Charlesworth by email or by calling 386-454-0811.

The Halcyon Warranty Explained

Halcyon offers the original purchaser a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against material and workmanship defects on all of its products. Beyond this standard coverage, Halcyon also offers the original purchaser two separate lifetime warranties, one covering all RF-welded seams used in the construction of BC bladders and surface-signaling and lift devices, and the second covering Halcyon’s Explorer and Proteus light canisters. In order to maintain both the one-year manufacturer’s warranty and the lifetime warranty (where applicable), the original purchaser must retain the sales receipt.

Certain items, such as NiMH and SLA batteries, are covered by a 90-day conditional warranty that commences on the date of customer purchase. Following Halcyon’s recommended use and service guidelines provided in the manuals is essential in extending the practical lifetime of expendable items such as batteries and light bulbs.

Halcyon provides an owner’s manual with key products when they ship from the factory. Customers should become familiar with the manuals. Following the directions in these manuals will ensure a lengthy service life while maintaining peak performance.

The Halcyon warranty is a global warranty. As long as you have a valid sales receipt from an authorized Halcyon dealer, the warranty extends to all countries and shops, regardless of where the item was purchased. Any authorized Halcyon dealer can handle warranty returns to the factory with a valid receipt.

Unauthorized modifications/repairs, negligence, accidental damage, commercial use, or abuse are not covered by the warranty. Floods, leaks, punctures, and broken bulbs, etc., are not covered by the warranty unless they are the direct result of a material or workmanship defect.

The Halcyon Warranty

All warranty requests must be accompanied by proof of original purchase from an Authorized Halcyon Dealer. HALCYON warrants, to the original purchaser only, that HALCYON’s primary and video lighting systems will be free of defects in materials and/or craftsmanship under normal diving use for one year from the date of purchase, provided proper care is performed on all materials as described within this manual. Should your HALCYON light prove to be defective for any reason (other than those listed in the limitations section below) it will be repaired or replaced (at Halcyon’s discretion) free of charge excluding shipping and handling charges. HALCYON Apollo, Explorer, and Proteus canisters carry a lifetime warranty, to the original purchaser only, under normal diving use and provided proper care is performed as described within this manual. All correspondence concerning this warranty must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt. Repair or replacement is HALCYON’s only responsibility and your only remedy under this warranty. Contact HALCYON at techservices@halcyon.net before sending any products back to the manufacturer.


The following restrictions apply to this warranty:
  1. Warranty does not cover damage from accident, abuse, battery leakage, tampering, or lack of proper care and maintenance.
  2. Warranty does not extend to batteries or light bulbs. Halcyon NiMH and SLA battery packs carry a 90-day conditional warranty, starting at the date of original purchase.
  3. Modifications or repair by anyone other than an authorized Halcyon service agent will void the warranty.
  4. This warranty does not extend to products whose serial number has been altered, removed, or intentionally defaced.
  5. Cosmetic damage, such as scratches, fraying, and nicks are not covered by this warranty.
  6. This warranty does not extend to equipment used for rental, commercial, governmental, or military purposes.
  7. This warranty covers products purchased in the United States. For warranties that may apply elsewhere, please contact your local representative.
  8. Failure to meet any of the above requirements will render the warranty null and void.

What do I need to do if I have a warranty claim?

You local Halcyon dealer should always be the first place you turn to in the event of a warranty claim. The Halcyon warranty is a global warranty. As long as you have a valid sales receipt from an Authorized Halcyon Dealer, the warranty extends to all countries and shops, regardless of where the item was purchased. Any Authorized Halcyon Dealer can handle warranty returns to the factory with a valid receipt.

If you do not have a local Halcyon dealer, you can contact Halcyon directly for warranty and repair work. Email Halcyon Technical Services or call us at 386-454-0811 for details on how to return your Halcyon gear.

Please Note: A Halcyon Product Return Form needs to be completed and sent with any repair or warranty work returned to Halcyon.

When returning any gear to the factory, it is very important that you pay extra attention to packaging the shipment correctly. Damage caused by improper shipping will not be covered under warranty. We recommend packaging your equipment in a sturdy box, leaving room all around for packing materials such as bubble wrap, foam, or Styrofoam. Heavy metal parts, such as manifolds and batteries, can and will cause significant damage to themselves and to any other included gear if you don’t use proper packing materials.

Lights require extra attention when shipping. Always provide an extra layer of wrap around the lighthead. It is important that you return all parts of the lighting system (light, battery, and charger) for evaluation. If you are returning a light that has been flooded, do not secure the lid with the battery in the canister. Depending on the damage, the battery can off-gas hydrogen and create a risk of explosion.

Tech Services can be contacted as follows:
Corey Smith @ 800-425-2966 ext. 307
Email: techservices@halcyon.net
1110 South Sain St.
High Springs, FL 32643