What is a locking bulb design?

HID lighting requires a constant supply of current. A ballast regulates current to the HID bulb. Any interruption causes the bulb to lose ignition, requiring that the ballast be reset. Resetting the ballast requires turning off the light and waiting five seconds before reigniting the bulb. Over the years, Halcyon has worked tirelessly to reduce the risk of current interruption, incorporating a range of unique features. One such feature is our use of an industry-first sealed lid design, containing gold-plated connectors (to ensure a solid, reliable connection). The recent innovation of a locking bulb design uses a proprietary design in which the Halcyon bulb is retained by a threaded locking collar. The unique design allows easy bulb installation but prevents the bulb from working free from the socket. Our competitor’s lights do not incorporate this feature, allowing the bulb to be dislodged during transport or while entering the water before diving. The locking-bulb design is one of many Halcyon innovations designed to ensure unmatched reliability.