What is the difference between the Scout and other C-cell lights on the market?

Attention to detail and purposeful design helped define the Halcyon Scout light as a trend-setting hand-held lighting product. A focused, high power LED model, together with a powerful Halogen version, allow divers to choose the light that best meets their needs. The rugged and bright Scout is small and dependable with an easy-to-use, low-maintenance design.

The Scout’s battery-matched voltage prevents halogen bulb strain common to other designs. Meanwhile, our high power LED offers 50 percent more output over previous LED models; yet burn time exceeds 30 hours of total burn time. The twist-activated light eliminates the risk of switch failure and accidental ignition. Meanwhile, a carefully constructed body is machined from a solid piece of Delrin with a proprietary raised finish, ensuring easy activation even while wearing gloves. The sturdy Delrin body uses a single O-ring, further reducing unnecessary failure points with a simple design that allows for easy maintenance and convenient service. However, given the extreme durability of the Scout light, damage is virtually unknown. Even the Scout’s clear bezel is custom machined out of high-quality Lexan material. The streamlined form factor holds three in-line batteries and tucks neatly out of the way.