Looking under the hood - See how the Explorer Light compares to the "competition"

Primary Light FeaturesHalcyonOthers
Locking bulb designYesNo
Temperature Resistant polymer PEEK bulb socketYesNo
Ballast o-ring sealYesNo
Industry first "sealed" lid designYesNo
Gold-plated auto-plug battery connectorsYesNo
Impact resistant battery pod with Delrin caps and stainless steel reinforcement rodsYesNo
Leak resistant switch silicone switch bootYesNo
Fan cooled, 4amp, 110/220v switchable charger; "easy plug" one hand operationYesNo
Thorough QC evaluation including 300' (90m) pressure test for every lightYesNo
Worldwide warranty regardless of purchase locationYesNo
Worldwide service and support through Halcyon dealer networkYesNo

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When Halcyon set out to reestablish a new bar in the manufacture of underwater canister lights we identified a range of key areas in need of improvement. We started with the industry's first truly leak-proof lid, expanding our improvements across more than a half dozen key improvements. From the rigid battery carrier to a robust, fan-cooled charger, Halcyon's Explorer is the latest evolution of our exploration-grade primary lighting. In crafting the industry's first leak-proof lid, we had to start from scratch and create a design where wiring from the light cord did not penetrate the battery compartment. The Explorer's lid isolates the cord wiring with O-ring sealed, gold-plated banana plugs; these plugs connect to the bottom of the lid where a novel auto-plug design engages the Explorer battery pod. In testing, we've cut the light head off of an Explorer and then tested the light to 300'/90m with the unsealed cord. Water was unable to pass through the lid completely protecting the batteries. Likewise, deep immersions without an o-ring on the lid demonstrated the great success of this unique design. Even without an o-ring on the lid water was unable to enter the light head.

Listening to the requests of our cold-water test divers, we then redesigned the lid's switch protector to allow for a more positive identification of on/off positions while wearing thick gloves. In looking at the protector, we decided to improve on the switch boot as well: instead of a boot that threads on via a thin plastic ring, we designed molds for a new captured switch boot that integrates into the switch protector. The switch boot is molded to our specifications out of high durometer silicon.

With the changes to the lid established, we turned our attention to the battery itself. We started by designing a stainless steel cage that provides a rigid compartment that can protect the NiMH batteries from the stresses often found in the course of transporting dive gear under difficult conditions. The battery pack has reciprocal self-plugging connectors for the Explorer lid, simplifying assembly before a dive. Simply unlatch and rotate the lid from the dummy plug holes to the gold-plated connectors to connect your battery. A milled water-trap in bottom of canister, together with the raised battery tray, provides additional protection for the battery in the event of seepage from a damaged canister O-ring. The improvements didn't stop with the work on the light itself. Selecting the proper NiMH charger is critical to ensure maximum value for your canister light. Halcyon has literally searched the world for the best charger to match up with our Explorer lights. The new dual-voltage Halcyon NiMH charger provides reliable service in a compact, fan-cooled design.