Does Halcyon offer free regulator service kits for life?

Halcyon does not offer free regulator service kits but the cost of ownership for a Halcyon regulator system is actually less when compared to most companies offering free kits for life. Those offering free parts for life typically require annual service; this service requirement ends up costing you more over the life of the regulator.

Halcyon regulators allow bi-annual service for most divers. Very frequent users should check Halcyon usage limits.

Cost of ownership for 2 years assuming $75 labor charge for 1st and 2nd stage combination:
Halcyon - Parts $47, Labor $75 = Total $122 Other - Parts $0, Labor ($75 per year x 2) $150 = Total $150 Over 10 years, free parts customers will pay $750 whereas the Halcyon customer will pay $610 which is a savings of $140 per regulator system.