Extreme Cave Exploration

The Demands of Extreme Exploration

Halcyon was created in response to the demands of extreme technical diving. In the early 1990s, Halcyon founders were exploring deep wrecks and long-distance caves, including the world-renowned Wakulla Springs. No other site can draw the comparison of being the Mt. Everest of cave diving: massive conduit (often over a hundred feet in diameter), deep, multi-branching passages, and passages explored to nearly 30,000ft/10km. Dives in Wakulla are the longest ever done: bottom times for the lead team can exceed ten hours at a depth of 300ft/90m. By the time the team exits the water, they will have spent nearly 30 hours underwater.

Deep wrecks and long-distance cave diving are both physically and mentally demanding. Halcyon CEO Jarrod Jablonski has invested nearly 20 years leading just this sort of extreme expedition in projects around the world. As Global Underwater Explorers (www.gue.com) President and the lead Woodville Karst Plain explorer, Jarrod Jablonski has more exploration dives in Wakulla than anyone alive. In fact, Halcyon was founded in large part to be able to provide the gear he needed to make the dives as safely as possible. This history remains a vibrant part of the daily operations through the daily management of Halcyon COO Casey McKinlay. Casey is the WKPP Project Director and oversees the planning for each exploration dive weekend. Casey also joins Jarrod and teams of explorers for expeditions across the globe. Over the course of these projects, dozens of divers spend hundreds of hours in a range of extreme underwater settings.

Exploration divers who push the limits of underwater exploration demand that their Halcyon equipment performs flawlessly. This dedication to quality is at the heart of Halcyon’s quest to produce the best possible equipment and then to back it up with technical support starting the moment it leaves the factory. Regardless of your personal diving interest, you can be assured every piece of Halcyon equipment is designed with this same emphasis on quality and reliability.