Service After The Sale

Halcyon: The Right Choice

Halcyon's dedication to providing the best possible dive equipment doesn't end once the gear leaves the factory. We build gear to last a lifetime, but we've been diving long enough to know that you'll eventually forget to latch your light before jumping into the water. Or your dive buddy will accidentally drop his double 104s on your wings while you are breaking down your gear. Unfortunately, it always seems to happen the week before you are to catch the flight to Palau for the dive of a lifetime. In other words, you want your gear fixed and back in the water as quickly as possible. Shipping your broken part halfway around the world for repair isn't always an option.

We know that support after the sale is essential for anyone who relies on our gear. That's why Halcyon's technical services department is fully staffed to handle rapid repair work on any item we sell. Corey Smith oversees tech services with an exacting sense of efficiency. Corey can call upon any of the resources available at the factory to bring your gear back up to spec. Under Corey's watch, turn-around time for repairs averages just three days.

Our dealer network is the front line of customer service. Ken Charlesworth oversees management of dealer accounts in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Ken has been diving since his teenage years, and he's been an instructor for over 20 years. Ken is another one of us who is likely to have still-wet gear in the back of his van; if he isn't at the factory on the phone with a dealer, he's probably going to be found in one of the caves in the area.

Of course, if you purchased your gear outside of North America it isn't always convenient to return something to the factory for repair. Over the last five years, Halcyon has been training the staff of its international distributors to handle many common repair problems. Our distributors have considerable latitude to repair or replace gear under warranty, and there's a very good chance that you'll be able to find replacement parts in a reasonable amount of time, regardless of where you are in the world.

Sometimes you don't need to bring your gear in for repair; you just want to find the answer to a question about a specific item. Halcyon’s website has always served in the dive community as a repository of answers to many commonly asked questions. In addition to our product manuals, you'll find answers to questions ranging from "How does HID lighting work?" to "How do I deploy a surface marker with a spool?" Have a question about Halcyon gear that isn't answered on the website? Drop us a line at and we will have an answer back to you as quickly as possible.