Sporadic Ignition

A simple in-field inspection and on-site fix can often solve a sporadic ignition issue that may occur in any HID light. The HID bulb base and socket are precision-molded parts, designed and keyed to fit together in only one orientation. On rare occasions, subtle variations in the fit, vibrations in transit, or a jarring impact may actually loosen this connection. Once loose, a bulb may not ignite, may sputter and go out, or may perform intermittently. These sorts of ignitions where the bulb does not reach full output before turning off are called “short striking” and can significantly reduce bulb longevity.

The simple in-field fix requires only a piece of plumber’s Teflon tape and a few minutes of attention. Wrap the Teflon tape (one wrap only) around the base of the bulb before reseating it in the socket. The fit will be tight, but future removal and bulb replacement will still be possible.

Keeping active divers active is part of our goal in Tech Services. A few minutes on the phone with us diagnosing an issue can turn down time into bottom time underwater.