Patching Inflatable Products

If you discover that your Halcyon inflatable product has a hole or puncture, we do not recommend attempting to repair the bladder with an adhesive/patch. Halcyon and other reputable SCUBA manufacturers cannot recommend diving any buoyancy or inflatable device that may be compromised by a repaired leak. Halcyon instead recommends that the buoyancy air cell or inflatable device be replaced. Replacement components and basic instructions for this service are available from any Halcyon Authorized Dealer and can easily be handled at the dealer, thus providing a rapid return to diving service for your gear. Ultimately, this added value service provides peace of mind by ensuring that the device is operating properly to factory specification.

It is important to note that the RF welded seams of all Halcyon inflatable products are covered by a lifetime warranty against seam failure. Be sure to contact Halcyon Tech Services with any questions or assistance with replacement or warranty inquiries.