Wing Pull Dumps

Why is Halcyon now using a small fob on the end of the pull dump?

The OPV on the lower part of your Halcyon wing has a small string that allows a diver to release gas from the BC. This rear dump is ideal for removing gas while in a horizontal diving position. Some divers prefer to accentuate this string by installing a plastic fob on the end of the string. Yet, divers using a large fob (a large plastic ball is common) may find that it can catch on equipment (such as stages) and cause the wing to vent gas. In the past Halcyon accommodated this concern by removing the plastic ball from each of our BC valves. However, in response to requests from our customers and in order to accommodate certain international laws, Halcyon has installed a very small, streamlined pull-tab. Our testing indicates this tab will not interfere with a diver’s stage bottles; however, it remains easy to locate even for divers wearing thick gloves. This compromise allows Halcyon to accommodate legal requirements as well as customer requests. Divers that find this tab troublesome are welcome to remove it from their OPV.