Surface Markers and Lift Devices

How do I deploy a lift bag or surface marker using a spool?

Surface markers can be utilized in the event of an emergency; they may also be deployed as a means to maintain communication with a dive boat or surface personnel. The Halcyon series of inflatable devices includes a range of surface-signaling and life support devices.

Divers seeking a nearly fool-proof means to deploy a surface marker from depth may be interested in using a Halcyon spool. The Halcyon spool has no moving parts, reducing complexity and eliminating any risk of a jammed reel. In order to deploy the surface marker, one merely slips the looped end of the line through the eye of the Stainless Steel bolt snap at the bottom of the marker, passing the spool through the loop and securing it to the marker. A final charge of gas appropriate to the depth of release is added and the marker is released. The spool will turn freely as the marker rises to the surface. Should one lose control of the spool, the specially weighted Halcyon spool will sink slowly from the surface, providing the diver an opportunity to recover the line.

Cold-water Tip: Cold-water divers or those who prefer a handle will appreciate the easy operation of the Halcyon Cold-water Spool. This spool allows divers to create a convenient handle, improving efficiency and ease of operation.

What is the best way to stow a Halcyon lift device?

Many divers appreciate the unique Halcyon innovation that allowsthem to store a range of lift devices in the BC Storage Pocket affixed to their backplate. Stowing lift devices in this pocket provides streamlining, without compromising the ability for rapid deployment.

Here are a few suggestions that will improve efficiency while working with the Halcyon Storage Pak.

Diver Alert Markers
The easiest of the markers to stow, various DAMs are simply folded accordion-style with the length of each fold just short of the full length of the BC Storage Pak. The bottom (foundation) fold should include the black nylon tail and Stainless Steel clip, which routes out of the open bottom of the BC Pak and clips to either the rear or left-hip D-ring.

Lift Bags and Diver’s Life Raft
In order to stow a liftbag or raft, the wider designs require symmetrical folds along the length of each side. The goal is to create an overall width slightly smaller than the opening in the BC Pak. Once this is achieved, simply make a few accordion-style folds, again leaving the tail available to be clipped to the rear or left-hip D-ring. Once successfully within the Pak, try on the harness and backplate. If the Pak is not fitting comfortably, you can adjust the position of the dump or inlet valves to a more central position in the channel of the backplate. The BC Pak’s elastic lower flap, augmented by pressure from the diver’s back, serves to hold stowed items in place.

Deploying a Surface Marker from the Storage Pak
A properly stowed marker will rest within the BC Storage Pak with the black nylon clip tail connected to the rear or hip D-ring. Should it be needed, the inflatable can be quickly deployed by simply locating the clip on the appropriate D-ring and making a quick tug. The accordion-folded marker slides out and is ready to be put to use.

Can an alert marker be stowed in a pocket?

The best means to stow a smaller alert marker is to simply roll it up and use the built-in shock cord loop for security. The No-Lock Connector is on a flexible tube that will allow it to be bent to the side slightly and rest under the shock cord loop while in a pocket. Use the Stainless Steel clip on the end of the tail to clip it to the pocket loop inside your Halcyon Bellows Pocket.