Halcyon Regulator Systems

Breathing is one of the most important things you do while underwater - you should not accept “good enough” when making such an important choice. That is why we have chosen high performance components while designing regulators for the ultimate diving experience. Halcyon regulators are used on the longest Scuba dives ever accomplished and in some of the harshest conditions such as the deep wrecks of the Baltic Sea and in the high altitude caves of the Russian interior.

First Stage Regulators
Second Stage Regulators

Extreme cold water diving conditions pose a unique challenge to divers and equipment alike. Extreme temperatures can cause regulator “freezing” during which a regulator might experience a free-flow. While this is not an imminent threat (because air continues to flow from the second stage) Halcyon systems greatly limit the risk of this occurrence. All Halcyon regulator systems are CE approved for 4300psi cold water diving; in fact we even exceed the CE cold water requirements. To further reduce regulator freezing Halcyon’s H-50D uses a dry ambient pressure chamber. Meanwhile Halcyon second stages feature precision molded carbon fiber and technopolymer valve housing and components which also contribute to their lightweight features and corrosion resistance.

Single Tank Systems

Double Tank Systems


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